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Bass Fishing And The Use Of Scented Attractants

 You may have read that scented attractants are the way to go. It is often stated that as much as 80 per cent of warm water bass fishing in lakes is done using scented attractants. This knowledge obviously tells you that bass is one of the fish that is most commonly attracted to scents. Trout, snook, and stripper are other popular fish that you may have experience with but they are never described as fish that are attracted to scents. Some information is out there that using scented attractants has been used with salmon as well but it is always assumed that these are used mostly for bass fishing and the results are known to be the best with this type of fish. 

What To Believe.

 While bass fishing with scent attractants is so well talked about that it has almost become a myth, the truth is hard to pin down. Some believe it is not actually as effective as you have been led to believe. It it generally agreed that it does make a difference to the number of your strikes but that result could also be attained by bettering your angling skills, improving your style of fishing, choosing better bait type, maybe even tying better knots! To put it another way, even though it is agreed that it is successful in attracting more bass, it is not really the ultimate weapon that some would think when it comes to actually landing the fish. It should be looked upon as one component among many that, along with a certain level of skill, needs to be present for the ultimate bass fishing. 

The Controversy Goes On.

 Quite a few anglers would swear by the fact that bass fishing is distinctly easier and the results more successful after scents were added to bait while others would disagree with such statements by insisting that it really does not make a whole lot of difference. Most would agree, however, that it is noticeable that the bass react more to the bait with scent than they do to the bait which does not have any scent. Even if we concede this point it does not in any way suggest that using scent is a magical bass fishing tool for the bass fishing angler. 

Keep in mind also that it is said that bass are put off by the smell of tobacco, also by the smell of detergent and insect (mosquito) repellant and even some sun-tan lotion. If this is true as it seems to be, then the bass must have the power of smell. So it must be logically concluded that the bass do have olfactory senses that it uses for defense. If they can do that, then it seems logical that they could then use the same sense of smell to seek out food. Many fishermen will also tell you that the best way for bass fishing is to use motion; however we have an almost equal group of fishermen that would continue to argue that the use of scent is one of the best ways to catch bass. 

We may never agree on how to tackle the question of whether bass fishing is really responsive to scents and so we should just learn all about it and add it to our knowledge base and use it to give us another way to increase the odds of succeeding at bass fishing.

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